Polycarbonate Anti-infrared Soldering Lenses Welding Lenses

Polycarbonate Anti-infrared Soldering Lenses Welding Lenses

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: PC-G Hits: 9

Factory OEM High Quality Polycarbonate Anti-infrared Lens PC Soldering Lenses Welding Lenses.

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Detail Information

Product Details:
Item NO.: Soldering Lenses Welding Lenses
Material: Polycarbonate
Lens color: Customized
Thickness available: 2mm
Curve available: 2/4/4.5/6/8C
Transmittance: 15%
Coated type: H/C, Back AR, Mirror, Super Hydrophobic
Precise injection technology and premium polarized film guarantee the high optical homogeneity, thermal and mechanical stability of injection PC polarized lenses. 
The excellent impact resistance of PC material and compatibility with various functional treatments make PC polarized lenses ideally suited for sport, safety and even military sunglasses.
Available in:
1.Solid and gradient tinted colors
2.Blue blocking functions
3.Anti-fog coating
4.Super Hydrophobic coating
5.All kinds of mirrored coatings
6.100% UV400 Protection
7.Hard coating on surface to get good scratch resistance
8.Anti-glare with polarized efficiency up to 99.8%
9.High impact resistant per ANSI Z87.1 safety standard
10.Meet Optical Standard Of ANSI Z80.3, ANSI Z80.7, AS/NZS1067, and EN1836
Soldering Lenses Welding Lenses


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