Do Not Put Glasses in the Car at High Temperatures

Do Not Put Glasses in the Car at High Temperatures

The temperature has started to rise in recent days, and the highest temperatures in some places have reached more than 40 °C. Jiayu remind you that sunglasses and myopia frames should not be placed in the car, because the temperature inside the car will reach about 65 degrees. At high temperatures, the lens will easily explode, and the frame will be easily deformed, which will affect your use.

As the temperature gets higher and higher, many drivers will prepare a pair of sunglasses in the car. Many models will even have special sunglasses storage space. However, in the summer, the vehicles parked in the open air will absorb very high heat, and the chances of the sunglasses being stored in the car being "baked" will increase, which will cause the lens to "crack".

In the summer, the car is closed in the sun for a long time, and the temperature inside the car is as high as 60 °C. The high temperature will cause the damage of the resin glasses and affect the eyesight health. The structure of many resin glasses is composed of three layers, and the swelling ratio of each layer is different. If the temperature reaches 60 °C, the lens becomes ambiguous, such as a small lattice showing a mesh shape.

It has been shown that when the outdoor temperature reaches 32 °C, the temperature inside the car may be above 50 °C. Thus, the lens of the glasses placed on the car is simply damaged. This also reminds the majority of friends not to wear resin glasses to hot occasions, such as: sauna. Glasses also need care.

Exposure glasses at high temperatures CAUTION Spontaneous combustion causes fire! In addition, an elderly driver is used to putting a pair of reading glasses on the car. If the vehicle is just parked in the sun, this is very risky. Since the reading glasses are convex lenses, the light is gathered together in a short time, and the time is long, which constitutes the surface layer of the outer table is too high, accelerating the aging and even posing the serious consequences of spontaneous combustion.

Compared with the area where the sunlight can be directly irradiated on the instrument panel, the temperature at the ceiling of the car is relatively low, and there is also the invasion of the plastic case, if you generally use the indoor parking lot or park outdoors. Time will not be too long, the sunglasses will not be damaged. However, if it is necessary to park in the outdoor for a long time, it is recommended that you carry the sunglasses with you more securely. After all, the price of a pair of "brand sunglasses" is not cheap!